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General Maintenance

General Maintenance  Services

Our Services

 General maintenance
 Lighting installation and repair
 Child gate and safety modifications
 Window installation and repair
 Furniture assembly
 Door installation and repair
 Painting walls and ceilings (interior and exterior)
 Painting ceramic tiles with specialist paint (interior and exterior)
 Painting doors, cupboards and furniture (interior and exterior)
 Installing all appliances and white goods
 Repairing wall/settlement cracks (interior and exterior)
 Repairing wall/settlement cracks (interior and exterior)
 Specialist epoxy resin flooring (interior and exterior)
 Elderly guard rail
 Elderly bathroom mobility rail
 Curtains and blinds installation and repair
 Professional jet washing patio furniture, patio tiles, exterior of property, etc.
 Installing digital A/C controllers
 Installing soft close toilet seats
 Tiling and grouting (floors and walls for interior and exterior)
 Masonry and render work
 Home renovations (kitchen, bathroom, additional room, etc.)
 Erecting flat-pack (e.g. IKEA) furniture
 Putting up shelving
 Installing bespoke storage cupboard



The award provides external recognition of the positive momentum of our work and achievements in building a Purpose and Values driven brand. We are proud of the awards we won and the recognition we gained, since we started our company. We treasure these achievements and stimulate us to work harder and aim higher.

We also provide tiling service in Dubai.

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