At DUBAI HANDYMAN SERVICE we give you home improvements tips to save energy and reduce your electricity bill. It is based on the grounds that numerous home improvement activities are simple, economical and quick. Although results might be slow, but surely you will see few changes in your bills after certain months.

Home Improvements Tips to reduce Electricity Bill in Dubai

Computers / Laptops Usage

Computers, Laptops and other electronics appliances, for example, printers, cameras, photocopiers and scanner can use a lot of power. To decrease the power usage, you should put all related devices on one electrical socket. This will make sure that evening time you turn off everything with only one switch. During the day, you can set your PCs on sleep mode when you are not using it for quite a while.

Replace bulbs with LED

During Home Improvements you should change old bulbs with energy productive LED bulbs is another approach to save power and money. With LED bulbs, you can be certain you will save power and money for quite a while. There are different types of LED Light bulbs in the market with dimmer switches and beautiful bulbs. Despite the fact that LED bulbs are more costly than standard bulbs, they can last as long as twenty years.

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Solar Power System

Do you know that you can make a solar power energy system for your home, and you can do it quite reasonably? Making your own solar power based boards is an amazing approach and you can get one or fabricate your own. Having a sunlight based board is an extraordinary method to cut your power costs fundamentally, and the boards can even keep going for over twenty years. Simply envision of the power and money you would obtain more than 20 years.

Insulation of water heater pipes

If you do insulation of your water heater pipes, it decreases waste of heat and furthermore it will raise water temperature. It can be a difficult job but you can save a lot of money every year. Thus, on the off chance if you want to save power and some money with DIY activities, these are probably the simplest tips for you to start with.

Replace Water Heater

Almost 50% of your all bills go to heating system every year. So if you are going to do Home Improvements you should change your old slow working water heater to new energy efficient water heater it will make a major effect to your bill. Two most famous water heaters are gas, and electric water heater. An electric water heater can be utilized at anyplace. A gas water heater can be used only in those homes where there is a gas connection.

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It’s a smart idea to know the various kinds of water heaters accessible before you buy one:

  • Conventional storage water heaters offer a prepared supply (storage tank) of high temprature water
  • Tankless water heaters heat water straightaway without the utilization of a storage tank
  • Heat pump water heaters move heat starting with one spot then onto the next as opposed to creating heat straightforwardly for giving high temp water
  • Solar water heaters utilize the sun’s heat to give high temp water
  • Tankless coil and furthermore backhanded water heaters utilize a home’s space heating framework to heat water

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Utilising Efficient Appliances during Home Improvements

Energy efficient appliances are fit for utilizing limited amount of energy into the necessary energy expected to finish an undertaking. A large number of these appliances can work under lower temperature and energy settings, which support their usefulness until the job is finished.

Here are some of the various kinds of energy efficient appliances:

• Refrigerators

•             Air conditions

•             Water heaters

•             Lighters

•             Dishwashers

•             Washing machines

•             Dryers

Benefits for Energy Efficient Appliances
Energy Savings

Since energy efficient appliances use less amount of energy to complete their task, so they can upgrade the degree of energy conservation. This energy conservation would then be able to be utilized for other appliances in the home or work environment.

Cash Savings

By using these energy efficient appliances you can reduce your bill. Similarly by purchasing energy efficient appliances and making energy efficient home improvements, and taking energy efficient activities consistently can save your money.

Environmentally Friendly

Utilizing energy efficient appliances limits the abuse of natural assets, for example, natural gas, oil, coal, and water. Energy productivity attempts to upgrade protection of these assets as an approach to accomplish maintainable improvement. Energy efficient appliances can likewise help in controlling pollution since appliances that use water, oil, coal, and natural gas can prompt water, soil, and air pollution through modern effluents and discharges.

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