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AC duct cleaning service at Dubai Handyman

Did you just get hit by a high electricity bill? Your AC could be the reason behind it. The air conditioning system has a duct that ventilates and cools the room. This needs to be cleaned after regular intervals for better performance of the system. A dusty and musty duct has to work more to clean a room. And thus can increase your electricity bill in the process. Worry not. The expert team Dubai Handyman is here to help you. We have efficient technicians who can provide the best AC duct cleaning services in Dubai. So what is stopping you from reducing your electricity bill? Hire our team now.

Why Do You Need AC Duct Cleaning Service?

Other than rise in electricity bills, dusty air ducts can have many other disadvantages. Below is a list that can help you make the decision.

Protect cooling equipment of AC

Do you want to enhance the lifespan of your AC system? If yes then a dusty air duct can be a huge hurdle. It not only reduces AC performance but can also damage other cooling equipment in your system. It can contaminate AC blowers and clog coils. Thus decreasing the lifespan of your system. Cleaning ducts can help protect different cooling equipment.

Get rid of bad odour in homes & offices

Bad odours can be a big turn-off in homes and offices. A dirty air duct can be a big cause of foul smells. Clogged debris in the duct can be home to bacteria and other germs. This produces a bad smell in the entire room. So do yourself a favour and hire the team of Dubai Handyman. We can remove dirt and maintain your AC duct.

Provide a healthy lifestyle to your family

Are your family members getting sick more than normal? The reason could be an unhealthy lifestyle promoted by dirty air ducts. A dusty duct can produce allergens in the air that cause respiratory issues. Thus sneezes and coughs become common. Protect your loved ones from allergies by hiring the team of Dubai Handyman.

Get rid of extra noise

AC noise can cause a huge disturbance in your day-to-day work. It can divert your attention and make you feel frustrated. Unclean AC duct can cause your system to make weird noises. You can get rid of these disturbances by hiring premium services offered by Dubai Handyman. Contact our team today.

Signs that indicate you need AC duct cleaning Service

Below-mentioned symptoms might indicate a need for an AC duct cleaning service.

A sudden rise in electricity bill

A sudden rise in your AC bill is never coincidental. There always is some issue with home appliances. Dust filled in your AC duct makes it hard for the system to cool an area. Thus it grabs more energy to perform its job but at the cost of your electricity bill. Hire our services if your AC bill spikes.

Dust around your AC vent

Another sign of an unclean AC can be visible dust around the AC duct. This dust can have negative impacts on your health. Get professional help the moment you find it on your system. The team of Dubai Handyman provides premium duct cleaning services.

AC duct Cleaning service is a must after a dust storm

AC duct cleaning becomes a must after a dust storm. These dust storms are pretty common in Dubai because of the climate and landscape. They can create problems in the functioning of your AC. This dust can clog your AC’s duct. Thus get regular duct cleaning service after a sandstorm.

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